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What is the NYF process?

Communities are paired with a consultant team and a project manager from the Department of State (DOS) who will guide them through a targeted, community-based planning process focused on the development of a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP will build upon the community's NYF application, including the preliminary community vision for revitalization and the proposed project list. The planning process will refine the vision, develop actionable goals and strategies, and identify a suite of complementary and transformative projects to help the community achieve its vision for downtown revitalization. Each NY Forward community will develop a SIP to revitalize its downtown through a slate of readily implementable projects. Projects may include building renovation and redevelopment, new construction or creation of new or improved public spaces and other projects that elevate specific cultural, historical qualities that enhance the feeling of small-town charm.

What is the NYF Process?
Who is involved?
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Who is involved?

The NYF planning process is led by a Local Planning Committee (LPC) comprised of local and regional leaders, stakeholders, and community representatives intended to represent diverse interests. A portion of the State’s funding is allocated to the planning process, which is guided by a team of consultants who assist the LPC in research and analysis, community engagement, and drafting of the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The NYF process also involves input and coordination of several State agencies: The Department of State (DOS), Empire State Development (ESD), the Department of Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).


Most importantly, the Long Beach community at-large is a critical part of the NYF process. The LPC and the entire NYF team will work to ensure that the public is informed throughout the process and is empowered to have meaningful input on the vision for the Long Beach NYF area as well as the projects to be selected to NYF funding.


Ronald J. Walsh (Acting City Manager, Co-Chair)

Resi Cooper (REDC Co-Chair)

Jacquetta Odom (President Concerned Citizens of North Park)

Rabbi Jack Zanerhaft (Long Beach Chamber of Commerce)

Myra Dejesus (Commissioner, Long Beach Housing Authority) 

Luke Heneghan (Owner, Bright Eye Brewery)

Pastor Mark Moses (New Life Church of Christ)

Anthony Rector (Owner, Refinements, Ltd)

Brian Berkery (Co-Founder, Trellus)

Nicole Bergman (Lifestyle Blogger, Between the Boards and Bay)

Darren Gallo (Owner, Rooster Construction)

Tara Lannen-Stanton (Director, Long Beach Public Library) 

Johanna Mathieson-Ellmer (President, Artists in Partnership)

What is the NYF Area?

What is the NYF Area?
How will projects be selected?

How will projects be selected?


At the end of the planning process, communities will identify a slate of projects that are aligned

with the State’s and locality’s goals for the NYF program. These projects are then submitted to the State for funding consideration. With the support of several State agencies and a consultant team, each community will prepare a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP is the final plan that results from the NYF planning process. The SIP will describe the unique challenges and opportunities for the revitalization of downtown, present the community's vision for the future of the area, and propose transformative projects that may be realized with an investment of NYF funds. For a more comprehensive list of project criteria, refer to the NYS NYF Guidebook.

An Open Call for Projects will be one of the methods the LPC will be using to identify projects for inclusion in the SIP. The purpose of the Open Call is to hear from members of the community who have potential transformative projects on privately owned sites that provide economic and community benefits. More info on the Open Call process will be posted on this website and publicized through other channels.

How can the community participate in the process?

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the public events, attend the LPC meetings and comment on projects that will be considered by the LPC. The public will help shape the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) and contribute to project ideas. Specific dates for public workshops and other events are yet to be determined. We encourage you to subscribe to updates by filling out this form.

How can the community participate in the process?

How long will this process take?

The Long Beach NYF planning process began April 2023 and will conclude in December 2023. Once the Long Beach LPC has submitted its Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), the State will review the recommended NYF projects and release its list of approved projects.  Projects selected for a NYF award will be assigned to an appropriate state agency or authority to manage the contract for implementation of the project. The state agency or authority selected and method of contracting and funding disbursement will be dependent on the specific project. While there may be some variation between agency or authority administration and the project type, in general awarded project funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis. It should be noted that NYF funds may be used as match for other grant funding if permitted by the granting agency or authority. However, the priority is to fund projects that are ready for implementation, with the expectation that all projects begin within two years from the time of the award.

How long will this process take?
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